Wheymar Reeves

WELCOME ????LEAD AFRICA # 6 ???? our spotlight on women who are contributing to the development of the continent????
Let's discover Wheymar Reeves a strong lady who has always wanted to make a #difference in a male dominated environment.

“I have always wanted to make a difference and be a part of the growth and development of my country through service”

Wheymar is a Sales Executive at APM Terminals in #Liberia. She also is certified #LEAN trainer in the company and fully invested in her role.
As a woman driven by #leadershipWheymar values integrity and shows a passion for excellence and equality.

Recently she has worked along with the bank to have POS machine posted at interested customers’ office. Now she is working on a project for export customers that will ease their container storage and reduce worries about high storage charges.
Kudos to our inspiring #leader dedicated to providing the best service to her customers.
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