Bettina Ebandji,

WELCOME ????LEAD AFRICA #19???? our rubric that highlights talented and competent women who contribute at their level and in their function to the development of the continent????
Let's discover Bettina Ebandji, Downstream Leader (Pressing, Cake and Cocoa Butter Processing Units) at Barry Callebaut Group in #Côte_d_Ivoire.
After graduating in Food processing Engineering, Bettina began her career at Barry Callebaut as a graduate trainee in #Operations and #Supply_chain (OSCO).
During the two years of the graduate program she spent roughly 6 months in 4 different countries on 3 continents.
Over the course of nine (9) years, She had the #opportunity of occupying four (4) different functions within the Maintenance and Production departments.
Presently, She works as a Stream (factory) Lead with over 100 people reporting to her.
“What attracted me the most was the need to #change and come out of my comfort zone.  As such, when the role of Stream #Lead was advertised, I seized the opportunity because I believe it will be a great challenge to lead a factory's Maintenance, Production, Scheduling, Quality assurance and Safety units.

Secondly, as the only female staff in this position presently in Barry callebaut plants throughout Africa, this would also communicate a strong message of hope to #young #women out there, reassuring them that such feats are attainable”

Bettina’s dream is to see these #African SMEs grow up to become multinationals and ultimately, be able to export goods to other continents.
Kudos to our inspiring #leader who is a solution oriented and determined individual who endeavours to be diligent in all she does.
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