Anita de Werd

WELCOME LEAD AFRICA #2 our spotlight on women leaders who are contributing to the development of the continent????
Let's discover Anita de Werd who defines herself as a bridge-builder between #Africa and #Europe.
Early on in her career Anita learned about #SupplyChain Management and she was intrigued by the complexities of how goods move around the world.
Her interest in the industry has led her to work with the major companies in the sector. Indeed, Anita has been head of Marketing and Business Development for #Maersk in Africa for many years. Now she aids in advancing businesses as a non-executive board member.
As a seasoned leader, Anita and her team have tripled revenue in contract logistics in less than 2 years at Damco .
Most importantly, on the people side Anita coached a team to top levels, they improved customer satisfaction with 15 points in Net Promoter Score. 
Kudos #exceptionalleader for your commitment to building a bridge between Africa and Europe.

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